Riding at Pohick Bay Regional Park

Pohick Bay Regional Park
Trailering Instructions
Pohick Bay Regional Park
Entrance to the Horse Trailer Parking Area


Trail Summary

Trail Hiking Horse Back Riding From To Distance (miles)
Service Road X X Pohick Bay Drive Gunston Road 1.3
Red X X Gunston Road Camp Wilson .84
Red Access X X Gunston Road Service Road .2
Red Shore X X Service Road Camp Wilson 1.25
Red Cutback X X Service Road Camp Wilson .84
Red Gunston Hall X X Pohick Bay Drive Gunston Hall  
Pool Trail X   Shelter #3 Pool .17
White X   Campground Gunston Hall .48
Blue X   Parking Lot (Marina) Service Road .97
Gold X   Shelter #3 Campground .28
Orange X   Pohick Bay Drive Blue Trail .55
Orange X   Pool Mini Golf .2
Yellow X   Shelter #3 Campground .16
Yellow X   Pohick Bay Drive Service Road .84
Yellow X   Campground Pool Parking .15

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Last Updated - February 11, 2009